COVID-19 RESPONSE 2020-06-14T09:07:24-04:00

Covid-19 update at RMBC

All activities and meetings of Rolling Meadows Bible Chapel have been canceled indefinitely.  We will continue to evaluate the situation to decide on when to gather again.  We care deeply for our church family and our community and do not in any way want to risk our loved ones by coming together at this time.

In the meantime, we do not want to lose our sense of family and community.  We encourage everyone to reach out to each other by phone, email, text, live video, etc., not only to check on the well-being of each person but to encourage their faith and lessen their feeling of isolation.

If you would like recommendations for spiritual content that you can watch from home, email office.rmbc@gmail.com.  We are fully aware that many are experiencing fear, and we know and love a God who brings peace in the middle of turmoil.

Death to Life from Freedom Teams on Vimeo.