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Spiritual Leadership

At RMBC we believe God has establish leadership in the church to function as a group. The spiritual leadership is dedicated to working together, under the guidance of the Bible to lead the church.

Onsy Hanna
Onsy HannaElder
Onsy is our newest member to the leadership team. He and his wife Gigi have 3 adult children and have been a part of RMBC for 9 years. Onsy owns a pharmacy in Niagara Falls.
Chris Jason
Chris JasonElder
Chris has been involved at RMBC for 26 years and in leadership for 16 years. He and his wife Sherri have 5 children. Chris has his own RMT practice in Vineland.
Crawford Paul
Crawford PaulElder
Crawford and his wife Beth have been with RMBC for 18 years. Crawford is president of a financial stewardship organization. He has been involved in leadership for 7 years.

Practical Leadership

Just like spiritual leadership is done by a team our practical leadership is functions as a team as well. These men and women work together to make sure the needs of the church are met.

Andrew Bacon
Andrew BaconDeacon
Andrew was raised at RMBC. He and his wife Colleen have 1 son.
Jon Cirone
Jon CironeDeacon
Jon has been at RMBC for 10 years. He and his wife Beth have 2 daughters.
Ryan NiclasenDeacon
Ryan has been at RMBC for 7 years. He and his wife Kara have 5 children.
Jake PetersDeacon
Jake was raised at RMBC. He and his wife Baylee have 2 sons.
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